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Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body - Choose a scent from the British Baking Collection Part 1
Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body - Choose a scent from the British Baking Collection Part 1

Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body - Choose a scent from the British Baking Collection Part 1

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Argan Oil Mist for Hair and Body~

A sprayable hydrating body mist with a blend of antioxidant rich oils and vitamin E that leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smelling epic. Spray on wet or dry hair to boost shine and fight frizz. It's perfect to use as a light perfume or for layering with my other scented products.

Shake well! Mist all over your body for light, non-greasy moisture. Spray a little hydrating mist on wet hair and comb through, concentrating on the ends, or spritz on dry hair for a boost of shine and fragrance. It made my curly hair shiny, soft, and smooth.

Choose from the following scents. See below for scent descriptions.

All Business (Unscented)
Bubble Gum Mint
Charlotte Russe
Chocolate Passionfruit Custard Tart
Coconut Bread
Fizzy Pop Cheesecake
Limoncino Biscuits
Mr. Darcy’s Steamy Lake Scene
Pistachio White Chocolate Churros
Rice Custard Tart
Sunday Pancakes
Tropical Manchester

Listing is for one 2.5 oz. recyclable aluminum bottle of hydrating mist.

100% VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Argan Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cyclomethicone, Jojoba, Olive Squalane, Fragrance and/or Essential Oils, Vitamin E.


Bubble Gum Mint : Based on Nadiya’s bubble gum and peppermint cream religieuse à l'ancienne from Season 3.

Charlotte Russe : From a Victorian baking challenge on season 3. Flora’s Charlotte Russe cake had a raspberry-flavoured sponge, champagne jelly with pomegranate juice, and white chocolate bavarois, surrounded by brandy-soaked lady fingers and a sprig of mint.

Chocolate Passionfruit Custard Tart : A custard tart by Nancy on Season 1 with contrasting flavours of dark chocolate and passion fruit. Paul said, “Like that, Nancy.”

Coconut Bread : Based on Kate’s recipe from season 5: Bread rolls with shredded coconut, cardamom, and jaggery goor (palm sugar).

Fizzy Pop Cheesecake : Three cheesecakes flavoured with ginger beer, cream soda, and lemonade syrups. Inspired by Nadiya’s showstopper from season 3.

Limoncino Biscuits : Biscuits flavoured with limoncino liqueur, yuzu zest, and vanilla by Sophie on Season 5.

Mr. Darcy’s Steamy Lake Scene : Steamed puddings flavoured with Earl Grey tea, lemon zest, bergamot oil, Earl Grey custard, and a splash of misty lake water. By Kate, Season 5.

Pistachio White Chocolate Churros : Pistachio-infused churros with cinnamon, dipped in white chocolate and more pistachios. Inspired by Jane’s churro recipe on season 4.

Rice Custard Tart : A not-too-sweet custard tart with rice milk, mango, and raspberries. Based on Chetna’s recipe, Season 1.

Schnecken : German sticky buns with cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, raisins, and pecans, as made by Christine on Season 2. When the schnecken beckons…

Sunday Pancakes : Pancakes with marshmallow whipped cream, sliced banana, granola, and blueberry compote. Based on an “illusion cake” by Liam on season 5.

Tropical Manchester : A passionfruit, orange, lime, and mango, tart made by Luis, a Mancunian, in Season 1.