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Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Scent - 7ml
Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Scent - 7ml
Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Scent - 7ml
Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Scent - 7ml

Perfume oil in a roll on bottle - Choose a Scent - 7ml

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Roll On Perfume Perfume oil goes on at skin temperature to blend with your natural scent. It is more subtle than alcohol-based perfumes, and will actually smell a little different on each individual. I use light, quick-absorbing fractionated coconut oil as the carrier oil for the fragrance.

Roll a little perfume on your pulse points, like wrists, inner elbows, and the nape of the neck. Keep one in your purse, your car, or your desk drawer and re-apply as often as you like – the scent will never be overpowering like some perfume sprays are, and the 7ml roller bottle lasts for ages!

Choose from the following scents. See below for scent descriptions.

Café con Leche
Cardamom Vanilla
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ceiling Stars
Green Tea and Mint
Key Lime Pie
Lavender Marshmallow
Mango Lassi
Milky Chai
Turkish Delight
Ube Halaya
Yellow Cake

Listing is for one .25 oz (7ml) recyclable glass roller bottle of perfume oil. VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance and/or Essential Oils, Vitamin E.


Cafe con Leche : In Cuba you can either have a tiny shot of concentrated espresso or a café con leche -- mostly milk, a little bit of coffee and a dash of vanilla. I like to put this one on when I wake up because it doesn't clash with my precious morning coffee.

Cardamom Vanilla : A comforting vanilla spiced with cardamom essential oil.

Chocolate Chip Cookies : Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!! Nothing more needs to be said.

Ceiling Stars : A relaxing scent to settle you down after a long day. Cozy strawberry, lavender essential oil, and fluffy vanilla marshmallows.

Green Tea and Mint : Refreshing, honey-sweetened green tea with a hint of mint.
Key Lime Pie : Tart lime, sweet vanilla meringue, and pie crust.

Lavender Marshmallow : This scent was inspired by some of the yummy gourmet marshmallows I have bought on Etsy. I love how the sweet marshmallow complements the refreshing scent of French lavender essential oil.

Mango Lassi : Fresh mango pulp, milk, and cardamom.

Marshmallow : Light, fluffy, and sweet, just like real marshmallows.

Milky Chai : I was at an outdoor party this summer and right at sunset they started brewing a huge pot of chai tea with rice milk. Everyone was irresistibly drawn to it, and I thought, "Is there really anything that smells better than chai?" So of course I had to make an extra-spicy, extra-milky chai lip balm for my Fall collection. Flavor notes are black tea, ginger, cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, clove, rice milk, and vanilla.

Turkish Delight : Sweetened rosewater, powdered sugar, and a little bit of pistachio.

Ube Halaya : Ube Halaya is a Filipino dessert made from the ube, a beautifully bright purple yam. The recipe calls for fresh ube, sweetened milk, coconut, and raw sugar.

Yellow Cake : Buttery yellow birthday cake, sweet vanilla frosting, and a hint of lemon.