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Blue Moon Vegan Lip Balm
Blue Moon Vegan Lip Balm
Blue Moon Vegan Lip Balm

Blue Moon Vegan Lip Balm

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Blue Moon ~ Blue Moon is joining the EE general catalog! This ice cream flavor was invented in Wisconsin and I used to see it sometimes in ice cream shoppes in the Chicago suburbs. I could never resist the ultra-blue color and beguiling name. The flavor is a mystery -- some say it tastes like pineapple, others say marshmallow or Froot Loops. I always thought it just tasted "like blue."

Epically Epic Lip Balm~

My lip balm formula has luxuriant olive squalane, extra virgin olive oil, olive butter, and organic coconut oil. It's glossy, creamy, and 100% vegan :)

Listing is for one .15 oz tube of lip balm.

VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Olive butter, olive oil, candelilla wax, virgin coconut oil, jojoba, olive squalane, vitamin e, shea butter, castor oil, natural sweetener, flavor, mineral color.