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MidWinter Collection 2023

::: Scent List :::

Blackberry Bread : Fresh baked bread with blackberries, brown sugar, walnuts, and a hint of cinnamon.

Cotton Candy T-Rex : Named for our adorable yet fierce silkie chicken, Icy. Fancy vanilla bean cotton candy, matcha tea, and a drop of black pepper.

Ginger Peach Turmeric : Fuzzy peaches, fizzy ginger, and subtly spicy turmeric essential oil.

Ice Milk : Inspired by Glacier Bay National Park. Rice milk, icy peppermint, cardamom, and oatmeal cookies.

Key Lime Pie : A very realistic key lime pie with tart lime, sweet vanilla meringue, and pie crust.

Lavender Lychee : Just lavender essential oil, rosehips, and lychee fruit. The light, refreshing, dewy scent I've been craving.

Vanilla Bean Horchata : Mexican horchata de arroz with vanilla bean fleck, cinnamon, and Tahitian vanilla.