Current Turnaround Time: 2 - 3 weeks

Scent List


Bluebarb Pie : Blueberry-Rhubarb Pie! Lots of tart rhubarb, sugared blueberries, pie crust, whipped cream, and a pinch of cinnamon.

Cardamom Rice Milk : Green cardamom essential oil, nutmeg seed, Basmati vanilla, and rice milk.

Green Dress : Named for my favorite comfy sundress. Watermelon, bergamot, green tea, sheer osmanthus flowers, and green grass.

Henna Tattoo : Black tea leaves, sandalwood, and mahogany spiced with rosemary, cardamom, and ginger.

Lemon Crème : Simply delicious lemons and fluffy French vanilla cream.

Light Rain : Cool rain softly falling over a lush summer garden. Rainwater, jasmine, hydrangea, and a hint of mint.

Porch Swing : Inspired by my mom’s garden in Tennessee. A pink crape myrtle, perfectly mowed green grass, soft white vanilla, and tilled soil.

Rainbow Sherbet : A fruity and refreshing dessert from the 1950's, sort of a cross between an ice cream and a sorbet, with raspberry, orange, lime, and vanilla.

Smizmar : Pink cotton candy and lemon cheesecake. A celebration of weirdly perfect love :)



Cumulus Clouds : Fresh clean air and fluffy white vanilla.

Dreamsicle : Orange and vanilla ice cream bars, aka Creamsicles.

Forest Bathing (ltd quantity) : Misty pines, cedar wood, plum blossom tea, and distant cherry blossoms.

Honey Yuzu : Japanese grapefruit and tangerine dripping with honey.

Hummingbird Mint : Ripe mango, tangerine, lime juice, and a leaf of spearmint.

Ginger Ale : Bubbly ginger ale with hints of fresh lime, pineapple and cherry.

Mountain Mint : An out-in-nature essential oil blend of peppermint, spearmint, lavender & eucalyptus.

Pink Lemon Spritzer : Strawberry lemonade spiked with bubbly pink moscato.

Raspberry Fizz : Lemon-lime soda, pink grapefruit juice, and fresh raspberries.

Secret History : Wisteria blossoms cascading over a crumbling stone wall in a shaded forest.

Snowbird : Warm saltwater, Tahitian vanilla, desert cactus, and bay rum.

Tourist Trap : Coconut suntan lotion, nearly-alcohol-free Margaritas and Piña Coladas.




Chocolate Chip Cookies : Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!! Nothing more needs to be said.

Ceiling Stars : A relaxing scent to settle you down after a long day. Cozy strawberry, lavender essential oil, and fluffy vanilla marshmallows.

Lavender Marshmallow : This fragrance was inspired by some of the fancy gourmet marshmallows I have bought on Etsy. Sweet marshmallow and refreshing French lavender essential oil.

Spicy Sandalwood : Sandalwood, Virginian cedar, cardamom, allspice, and bourbon vanilla musk. A cozy unisex winter scent.

Strawberry Ice Cream : Soft strawberry, vanilla creme, marshmallow, and tonka bean.

Turkish Delight : Sweetened rosewater, powdered sugar, and a little bit of pistachio.

Yellow Roses : A scent inspired by my favorite movie, "The Age of Innocence." With rose absolute, lemony citrus notes, red raspberry, and whipped cream.